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Tag Heuer chooses Marina Ibiza to welcome the summer

The sunset at Marina Ibiza was the ideal environment for Tag Heuer to celebrate the start of the season with an event for clients, celebrities and friends in its exclusive store located on Ibiza’s golden mile, where influencers such as Maxi Iglesias, Daniel Illescas, Ana Peleteiro or Belén Hostalet, among others who represent the brand located in Marina Ibiza.

With an event that lasted two days at the marina, they took the opportunity to present their new watch ‘Aquaracer Limited Edition Ibiza’, which has only 20 units worldwide and can be purchased exclusively at the Tag Heuer store in Marina Ibiza. One of the visual peculiarities of this fantastic jewel is its white rubber strap, being the only Tag Heuer model with this characteristic, which causes an attractive contrast with its turquoise green dial also decorated with flashy diamonds.

The artist Sebastián Marc Graham, in charge of giving life to the packaging of this exclusive piece with marine illustrations inspired by Ibiza, attended the event signing sheets to give away to the guests. Mallorcan by origin and based in Marbella, he has a very strong connection with Ibiza that he demonstrates in his three works made in collaboration for Tag Heuer alluding to the history of Ibiza, the land and the sea.

The director of the Tag Heuer store in Marina Ibiza, is very satisfied with the event, expressing that their values ​​“are based on being able to transfer and transmit a unique experience to each of our clients, living magical moments. We were lucky enough to invite them to an evening in which the presentation of a new piece was added, in a unique, emblematic and differential environment of the island such as Marina Ibiza”.

The event was animated by DJ Marta Loe, together with a singer and a violinist from Sebastián Gamboa’s team, who surprised the attendees with a great performance.

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