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Marina Ibiza selected by Repsol for first trial of 100% renewable fuel

Repsol is marking a milestone towards the implementation of renewable fuels in the maritime industry.

The company selected Marina Ibiza and the ferry company Trasmapi to conduct its first fuel trials in Spain.

On 21 June, Marina Ibiza was selected by Repsol as the base port to conduct — along with Trasmapi — the first trial of 100% renewable fuel for the maritime industry, using the Illetas Jet fast ferry between Ibiza and Formentera.

The outer dock of the marina’s Muelle Alfa was the ideal place to carry out this test as it can berth boats up to 110 m LOA. Interestingly, this will also be the setting for the Ibiza JoySail yacht race between 19 and 22 September, with Repsol as the official sponsor.

Renewable fuels are produced from organic waste, such as used cooking oil or agri-food waste, giving this type of material a second life. What’s more, they’re a fast and cost-effective solution for the decarbonisation of the maritime industry. With performance and quality comparable to traditional fuels, renewable fuels are different because they have a sustainable origin and slash CO2 emissions by 90%.

Meanwhile, the technological retrofitting in recent years of Trasmapi ferries on the Ibiza-Formentera route underlines the firm’s commitment to providing a sustainable, modern and first-rate service, always at the forefront of technological standards.

Miguel Sierra, Manager of Maritime and Fisheries at Repsol, explains that “our partnership with Trasmapi, a 100% Balearic ferry company that is part of the IMG group, highlights our commitment to the maritime industry and Repsol’s commitment to renewable fuels in Spain. These fuels increase the range of sustainable technologies for transport and help our customers choose the one that best suits their needs. In this sense, Repsol is ready to supply the maritime industry with the renewable diesel it needs to make its decarbonisation ambitions come true”.

Dani Marí, Manager of Marina Ibiza, stresses that “it will be very important for Marina Ibiza to count on this product in the near future, so we’re making our facilities available to Repsol for them to consider its introduction in Ibiza. As we’ve always said, one of our main goals is to help protect the environment. In this case, renewable products made from organic woodland and agricultural waste, used cooking oils or animal fats are a key factor in reducing emissions and are fully compatible with the vessels that refuel here”.


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