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Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Ibiza and Marina Palma Cuarantena renew their Blue Flag commitment.

As a nod to their excellent work and dedication to the environment, the IPM-IMG Group marinas (Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Ibiza and Marina Palma Cuarentena) have once again renewed their commitment to ADEAC (Association of Environmental and Consumer Education) by receiving the Blue Flag award, which is part of a programme involving forty-five countries around the world.

The Blue Flag award ceremony was attended by Pilar Moyá, on behalf of Marina Ibiza, and José María Marroig, Harbourmaster of Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena, who received the awards from José Palacios, Chairman of the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC), the designated Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) entity in Spain.

This flag reflects a high standard of quality in service, facilities, and environmental aspects, while also recognising the hard work and dedication that Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Ibiza and Marina Palma Cuarentena have been fulfilling for twenty-one, twelve and ten years uninterruptedly.

This constant effort shown by the marinas is also reflected in their environmental commitment, including actions such as promoting good practices among customers and users, creating awareness campaigns, and managing the blue flag for private yachts that share the same values and interest in the environment.

The IPM-IMG Group, a specialist in the management of marinas and refit yards, strives to meet the highest levels of quality with regard to its services and facilities by caring for the environment and actively looking for ways to reduce the impact on the environment through quality and environmental certifications.

Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Ibiza also hold the IMCI’s 5-star certificate, and together with Marina Palma Cuarentena are holders of ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 140001 (environmental management) and ISO 18001 (safety) certification, the EMAS Environmental Declaration, and Carbon Footprint Registry certification, in addition to the Blue Flag.



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