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Maximum guarantee in environmental management

Maximum guarantee in environmental management.

One of the priorities of Marina Ibiza is caring for the environment, so we implement a strict environmental policy with actions focused on raising awareness, while also involving guests, employees, visitors and suppliers.

  • Marina Ibiza has recycling stations for paper, glass, organic waste, plastics, etc. Ask our staff if you can’t find them.
  • The marina also has a dedicated area for disposing of contaminants, oil residues, black water, etc.
  • water, etc.
    Ask for the free recycling bags that Marina Ibiza provides so that you can separate paper, glass and organic waste onboard your yacht.
  • The marina has cutting-edge equipment and facilities to optimise the consumption of resources such as water and electricity.
  • We’re registered in the Carbon Footprint Registry, so we control and reduce gas and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • With the aim of raising awareness and encouraging our guests to care for the environment, every year we organise events to foster best environmental practices.
  • The marina carries out annual campaigns connected to these events through posters around the facility and mailings to its database.
  • At Marina Ibiza we give priority to staff training, regularly conducting training sessions and awareness-raising events for our team.
  • The most important training is in emergency drills so that we can respond quickly to any emergencies.
  • In order to prevent contamination, we clean the water surface at the marina once a year.
  • To prevent and reduce other environmental issues, we carry out four environmental inspections per year.
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