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A sign of commitment

Blue flag

Blue Flag, a sign of commitment. Thanks to Marina Ibiza’s commitment to health, cleanliness, safety, environmental management and environmental information provided to guests, the Blue Flag has been flying at the marina ever since 2012, symbolising our non-stop dedication to these matters. The marina strives to carry out environmental awareness campaigns and foster good practices among customers and users.

Owners or captains interested in joining the environmental cause and getting a Blue Flag for their yacht can apply for one by following these steps:

Come to the Marina Ibiza reception to express your interest and we’ll provide you with the necessary information, which also includes the code of conduct at sea.

Act in line with the criteria of the code of conduct, respecting and caring for the marine world. Certain measures in the code of conduct entail setting an example to other yachts, and even reporting bad practices by other yachts.

The marina will send off your yacht’s documentation, highlighting the merits of the captain, to certify that the vessel complies with the standards of the campaign.

ADEAC-Fee will analyse the information provided and if they consider that the yacht deserves this accreditation, it will be able to get its Blue Flag.

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